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Khao Takiab
Khao Takiab

HUA HIN has many attractions for the tourists, and is full of nice beach the famous seaside resort of Thailand, since the southern Railroad was constructed to travel overland all the way to Malaysian border, where visitors could enjoy swimming, fishing and golfing on the country's first standard course during the weekend.Nowadays, among the development of the world. Hua Hin's pleasures are aristocratic visitors of its past, That's Hua Hin the oldest beach resort of Thailand with a sense of history and a peaceful but scenic atmosphere, That's beloved Hua Hin. The way trip to Hua Hin by :
- Private car : from Bangkok on the main road phetchakasem past to phetchaburi and Cha-am to see Km.232 go to in town of Hua Hin turn the left on Damnernkasem Road untill the end to the beach
- Bus : get up southern bus station (Talingchan) down to clock centre (clock Tower)
- Van service : Century Departmentstore closed at victory monument area
- Train : Hua lumpong station and Thonburi station to Hua Hin station, nonggae station, suan son station and khao tao station.
- Taxi service The place when most people arrived and take a picture for your memory such as,
     Railway station the station is one of Thailand's oldest most beautiful train stations, built i the reign of King Rama VI by Thai architectural style,
     Plearn wan (Vintage Village) you will find many shops offer various in the old-fashioned style to discover the charming culture of the long-ago Thai lifestyle.
     Cicada Market The park atmosphere its lively activities of this market such as lived performance, art exhibition, hand-made products, Souvenirs that many people are always come to experience the quality and diversity.

 Khao Tao  Khao Tao KaoTakiab
hua hin beach Hua Hin Markwin Lodge Hotel Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin
Mod Guesthouse City Beach Resort Hotel Resort Hua Hin
Resort Hua Hin Resort Hua Hin Hin Nam Sai Suay Hotel Resort
Baan Manthana Hotel City Beach Resort Hotel Narawan Hotel Hua Hin
City Beach Resort Hote Hua Hin Cicada Market cicada market Hua Hin
Chatsila market Hua Hin floating market Hua Hin floating market
Hua Hin sam pan nam  floating market Hua Hin sam pan nam  floating market Hua Hin town
hua hin beach Sainoi Beach - khao tao Cha-Am town
khao takiab golf hua hin Lighthouse Hua Hin
cicada market hua hin key Hua Hin Night Market
Hua Hin Night Market Music Room  restaurant Hua Hin restaurant Hua Hin
restaurant Hua Hin restaurant Hua Hin restaurant Hua Hin
wat khao takiab wat khao takiab huahin Hua Hin beach

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